Welcome to the Self-Guided Visit Request Portal for the NMI - Decorative Arts & History 

This is a pilot programme for Self-Guided visits at the NMI - Decorative Arts & History only. Booking enquiries for the NMI - Archaeology and NMI - Natural History can be made as normal at bookings@museum.ie, and enquiries for the NMI - Country Life can be made at educationtph@museum.ie.

Schools and Community groups are encouraged to contact the Bookings Office directly for information on all available resources.

We are delighted that you have decided to request a visit to the NMI - Decorative Arts & History at Collins Barracks. We want your booking experience to be as smooth as possible, so we ask you to take a minute to read the following guidelines before submitting a Booking Request Form:

-  You can view the available time slots on the calendar, and select your preferred one. Available slots are highlighted in green. Booking requests can be made a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 1 month in advance.

-  Forms must be completed in full. If your group is larger than 35, please split the group and submit a second form for the slot immediately following your first.

-  Once submitted, your form will automatically default to the status of ‘Pending’. We will then manually ensure that all details provided are correct/verifiable.

-  If all required information is provided, we will confirm your booking and issue an official ‘Self-Guided Confirmed’ notification and ticket via email within 5 working days.

-  If your form is incomplete your request will be 'Declined' and you will be invited to resubmit your form with all required information, subject to availability.

-  Please only complete a maximum of 5 request forms per day.

Thank you!

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